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Studded Left’s Popular Intuition

Popular Intuition imagines the chambers of the heart as actual chambers. Wrong as usual. Which is just as well. Most people, if they were to look inside one of these chambers and see the contempt caked on the walls, would run out screaming. Or, rev up too high on a cortisol spree until they found themselves barking at shadows.

Tex Kerschen and Erika Thrasher, the goo and the be-gone of Studded Left, learned the ins and outs of contempt from years of trotting their ecstatic vision of the world to unlikely parties in every noise-hole and crypto-fascist music festival around. Rather than taking a one-hundred year nap in their discography, they stripped the patina from their sense of self and set an ambush for the future. Kerschen and Thrasher have been busy, developing the fine motor skills of the third mind, intuition and expression, moving weight in emotional and aesthetic nuances.
Popular Intuition is Tex Kerschen and Erika Thrasher’s first full-length album as Studded Left. It contains 9 haute ballads, contemporary music for contemptible adults, in other words, adult contempt.

Popular Intuition is available on vinyl and digital form from Studded Left Intl, late Spring 2019

Popular Intuition  $20.00

Popular Intuition


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